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How do we assess the trend of Covid-19 new cases that are published by the State to improve local parish/community planning ? The author introduced to look at the trend on a weekly basis rather than daily basis in last weeks update for Lafayette Parish (A New way to look at Covid-19 cases).

State of Louisiana moved to Phase 1 from Phase 0 (Stay at Home/Essential Services only) on May 15, 2020. Today, the State has seen the highest number of cases reported in more than a month (1188 new cases on May 21, 2020).

With respect to Lafayette Parish the new cases per day trend as of today is given below:

As expected, the trend on weekly basis is moving in the upward direction for Lafayette Parish as of this week. According to State guidelines, if the number of cases are not managed within certain limits, the State will revert back to Phase 0. See the weekly trend for Lafayette Parish below:

As citizens, we have to take necessary measures and precautions to limit the number of Covid-19 exposures to maintain or reduce the number of cases while still moving the economy. The conduits that the virus is spreading is still the same, mainly due to human to human exposure. There is some good news from CDC that the spread of virus through surface contact is not high as previously thought. But still maintaining best practices at work or outside will be key in curbing this spread until a vaccine is available.

Another good news from latest research as of today is, that the Virus structure is not changing from its original origins. That means the vaccines that are being developed to produce the antibodies will be able to defend from Covid-19 Virus exposure when administered.

Take home message is:
If you are a business owner or manager, do you have a plan to improve the measures to provide safe working environments ? Connect with your peers and find out how they are handling their daily work routines to keep their environments safe !

If you are someone working from home, think about how you are moving outside when you go for shopping to get essentials !

Lets plan to sustain Phase 1 and for that each and everyone has to put their best efforts.

Until next week.

Srinivasan Ambatipati, PhD

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